Welcome to Sleep Clinics of America

Our comprehensive patient-focused sleep care centers include superlative patient care, innovative technology and a focus on health & wellness solutions. Meet our sleep-trained, board-certified sleep physicians and experience integrated sleep care. Better Sleep, Better Health.

The SCA Model

Sleep Clinics of America (SCA) delivers comprehensive care in sleep medicine. Our patient-centered model includes a total commitment to integrated sleep care. SCA employs cutting-edge technologies to identify, screen, diagnose and treat sleep apnea and other conditions compromising healthy sleep.

Our Physicians

SCA sleep physicians are trained and board-certified in sleep medicine. They are uniquely qualified to deliver superlative care in the field of sleep, with the understanding that better sleep care promotes better health care. SCA’s Sleep Therapy Programs implement best practices, drawing from evidence-based medical literature.

The Standard of Care

Sleep Clinics of America delivers the gold standard in sleep care. From the initial point of patient contact through long-term patient engagement, SCA promotes an unparalleled level of sleep health care.