About Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are known to cause interrupted sleep and compromise daytime alertness. Insomnia, daytime fatigue, memory loss, mood disorders and sexual dysfunction are well-established consequences of sleep problems. Recent evidence has linked poor sleep to motor vehicle accidents, especially among commercial drivers.

In addition to addressing the impact of sleep on quality of life, Sleep Clinics of America (SCA) promotes the comprehensive care of sleep issues to reduce their burden on chronic health conditions. Increasing medical literature implicates suboptimal sleep, primarily in the context of sleep apnea, as being causative in the development of the following medical conditions:


High Blood Pressure



Heart Failure

Cardiac Arrhythmias


Metabolic Syndrome

Coronary Heart Disease

The Standard of Care

The traditional sleep care model has been fragmented, with no clear metrics or emphasis placed upon the quality of care. Inadequately trained providers with minimal sleep-specific training have primarily rendered care. Diagnostic testing has been the primary focus, with little to no follow-up management or long-term patient engagement. The result has included poor treatment adherence, suboptimal outcomes, and a lack of attention to sleep-related medical comorbidities.

Better Sleep, Better Health

While sleep disorders play a causative role in many chronic diseases, evidence-based medical literature increasingly promotes sleep therapy as the gateway to health and wellness.

For instance, treating sleep apnea – even in non-obese patients – improves blood pressure control and prevents the onset of high blood pressure (American Heart Association). Similarly, while up to 72% of diabetics may have some form of sleep apnea, appropriate sleep disorder treatment improves diabetes control and reduces insulin resistance. A recent landmark article confirmed that treating sleep problems actually reverses Metabolic Syndrome. This Syndrome – called an epidemic by many clinicians and scientists – includes midline obesity, insulin resistance, atherosclerosis, and abnormal blood cholesterol.

The SCA Model

Sleep Clinics of America (SCA) is built upon the idea that excellent sleep care promotes health and wellness. Our physicians, staff and clinical care tools are committed to improving outcomes and establishing best practice parameters.

Our Sleep Physicians are licensed, trained and Board-Certified in Sleep Medicine. They exclusively treat sleep disorders, without dividing their time between medical specialties and disciplines. Because they are allowed to be completely devoted to the field of sleep, they are fully engaged in comprehensive sleep care. Additionally, SCA’s Sleep Physicians are updated with evolving data-driven patient care algorithms. Beyond the community “standard of care”, SCA promotes the gold standard of sleep health care delivery.

From first evaluation through the initiation of therapy and long-term patient management, SCA is devoted to an integrated care model. We value not only better sleep, but we are also committed to better health and wellness.